“We Were Duped” – Doctors Angry About CDC & WHO’s COVID Lies - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

“We Were Duped” – Doctors Angry About CDC & WHO’s COVID Lies

More and more, doctors across the United States have begun questioning the COVID narrative relating to vaccines, masks, lockdowns and alternative treatments and they’re speaking out. Dr. Kat Lindley has co-founded the Global Health Project to amplify those voices and ensure that the kind of mass hysteria and misinformation peddled by elite institutions never happens again. Jimmy speaks with Dr. Lindley about her program and the Global Health Project’s efforts to encourage physicians to raise their voices and restore faith in medical professionals. Visit Global Health Project online: https://globalhealthproject.org/ Become a Premium Member: https://www.jimmydore.com/premium-mem… Go to a Live Show: https://www.jimmydore.com/tour Subscribe to Our Newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/jimmydorecomedy/yt…

Fired for Not Being Gay – Mark Dice

Lockdown 2.0 Is Coming Soon: Are We Already Conditioned for Another One? London Real with Dr. Robert Malone

Greta: 10 days Left Until Humanity is Wiped Out! Global Warming Scam, 97% of scientists lie, all you need… Global Warming Hoax: Carbon Dioxide has nothing to do with temps. Shocking clips… Keep this link and use with ANYONE who dares tout the Marxist, Democrat lie of temps rising. Only 1 degree since 1630 folks…. most of that before industry. The lie exposed in multiple clips.  – Sgt Pat 🔥

President Biden: “What do I do now?” Security Guard: “Go over there and shake hands with that guy”

C-SPAN Callers Go VIRAL For SOUNDING OFF on Trump Indictment. They all know, all Leftists too. – Blaze

Dr. Fauci belongs in prison. Watch all of these lies… Clip of clips

Mark Levin goes SCORCHED EARTH after the indictment of Donald Trump 🔥🔥

Magadonians are Coming Home: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA

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