Banned Video – Watch Now – RFK on his father’s murder by CIA. Shocking details - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Banned Video – Watch Now – RFK on his father’s murder by CIA. Shocking details

This seems to keep going away…. Amazing how they do not want you to see this. So you know what to do… SHARE…

This is what you see if you try to watch this on YouTube – – – 

RFK recently went on a podcast with Mike Tyson where he explained that the CIA killed his father when he was running for President in 1968. YouTube just deleted this entire interview off its platform. You know what to do now with this clip – DC Draino – Now that it is here at News Variable, they cannot delete it. Unless they kill me off like President Kennedy and his brother, and Epstein, and dozens of Clinton enemies, and more….

The U.S. is now a virtual dictatorship. Let’s face it. This interview with Mike Tyson is scary when you realize that history is not what we are told. The Deep State rules with an iron fist, and all who oppose are first attacked in the Mockingbird media, then maybe worse, like murder.

If you are not familiar with Operation Mockingbird and how the CIA and Deep State have most of media on their payroll, Left and Right – see:
The Dam is Breaking! Operation Mockingbird Is Being Exposed to Millions! and also Mockingbird and Bilderberg. All Americans MUST understand these if we are to stay free

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