Aiding Child Abuse: Biden Regime Drops Border DNA Testing – Sarah Cain - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Aiding Child Abuse: Biden Regime Drops Border DNA Testing – Sarah Cain

When DNA testing was put in place at the southern border, it revealed that up to 30% of the children being brought were not with their family members, but were exploited child victims. Now, the Biden Regime is removing the safeguards that sought to find and protect them. Get reliable notification options and further information at my home site: — Ways To Support My Work — Direct Donations: Merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, etc.): SubscribeStar Subscriptions:… PayPal Donations:… Bitcoin Donations: 16ZcMaXjzEKbHbqGVWzCEZhPtvRfqtMXhn Sarah is a media partner of Whatfinger News, the second-largest news aggregator. It is a great source of uncensored news, and it is updated constantly:

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CHILLING FINAL QUOTE: Doctors in fear, many have prescribed drugs that kill to save their jobs – News Variable

TARGET DEFEATED – Let’s see, same guy – Benny Johnson…. Follow up TRIUMPHANT VID – – You did it folks…

Byron Donalds, Chip Roy, Steve Bannon, All blast this fake debt deal by Biden and McCarthy

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