When we had a real President on Memorial Day… We need him more than ever - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

When we had a real President on Memorial Day… We need him more than ever

Memorial Day is here. This video shows a real President in fast clips. A POTUS that was elected and not selected. A true man of the people who loves this country and did everything he could to make our nation great. Compare with Biden, who does everything to destroy our nation. Biden’s bribes from the CCP and others, all hidden by the Fed, DOJ, and FBI, are going to go down in history as some of the worst corruption in all history. They wanted Biden in office to do damage. Well, that’s what we have. Nothing but lies come from the man and the Democrat Party, and their fake news media. Every time I hear him or any of his minions speak, I just think of the lies right to our faces, of ‘the border is secure’ which they are still saying to this day. Like we are morons. MAGA is the only way forward. The Democrat Party is a virus on this nation, that must be defeated.

Clips shown in this vid are from the following link:

When we had a real President on Memorial Day…. We need him more than ever https://choiceclips.whatfinger.com/2023/05/28/when-we-had-a-real-president-on-memorial-day-we-need-him-more-than-ever/

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