WATCH: Kari Lake announces largest ballot chasing operation in our nation’s history. Note to all on the Right… - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

WATCH: Kari Lake announces largest ballot chasing operation in our nation’s history. Note to all on the Right…

Please read the Note to All after the clips below and spread the word to all Republicans in every state.  If they do not do this, America is gone as a free nation in less than 2-3 years, so make them all read it.

NOTE to all on the Right in every state: Wherever you are, gather thousands of ballots, hundreds of thousands and have them ready for when the Marxists drop their ballots at 3 am after they’ve already lost in your state.  Then at 4 or 5 or 8 you drop your ballots making sure the real winner is the winner voted for by the people.  If the Marxist Democrats want to play the game, we can too.  EVEN if you are in a safe Republican district, have extra ballots that can be found and tabulated exactly as they do it – AFTER the Marxists strike in every state as they did this even in Texas.  Mike Lindell has them stealing over 1 million votes in the 2022 election.   So the plan nationwide is you also gather ballots and count them up in your counties in every state, especially the Deep State controlled states of Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and all – – – and have ready….   don’t worry about an audit as you want an audit as this will destroy the Marxist Democrats and their evil wherever it is done.  Remember – they are doing this in ALL of their counties and you must do the same now to save freedom. EVERYWHERE, in every state – especially where Republicans control the counting – so be sure to give the same scrutiny to all votes as the Dems do.….   and if you have hundreds of thousands ready, whatever the number needed, the Marxists will lose. Do what you must to save this nation.  2024 is out last chance before pure evil begins and we might very well be forced to exercise our Constitutional rights by force.  So let’s hope this does not happen, spread the word, play the Democrat game.  God help this nation and our freedom if the Marxists steal another election.  – Sgt Pat

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People didn’t die from covid in hospitals. They were MURDERED by spineless doctors. (And still are being killed right now folks…) – News Variable

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