FBI Whistleblower SHOCKS Congress! – Tom Fitton – Judicial Watch - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

FBI Whistleblower SHOCKS Congress! – Tom Fitton – Judicial Watch

Marcus Allen, a decorated veteran, FBI analyst and client of Judicial Watch, provided testimony to a House Judiciary Committee’s Select Subcommittee hearing titled “Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.” Judicial Watch represents Allen in a lawsuit against FBI Director Christopher Wray for violating Allen’s constitutional rights by falsely accusing him of holding “conspiratorial views,” stripping his security clearance, and suspending him from duty without pay (Marcus O. Allen v Christopher Wray (No. 22-cv-04536)). SUPPORT OUR WORK https://www.judicialwatch.org/donate/… VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://www.judicialwatch.org

Crime of the Century: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA

People didn’t die from covid in hospitals. They were MURDERED by spineless doctors. (And still are being killed right now folks…) – News Variable

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