Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta Shows Vial of Her Blood Clots After Vaccine Injury - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta Shows Vial of Her Blood Clots After Vaccine Injury

“Hollywood is just not for me.” “Maybe it was always weird but now it’s REALLY weird.” Pussycat Dolls Jessica Sutta in a special sit-down interview for Faithful Freedom with Teryn Gregson, presented by We The Patriots USA. Sutta opens up like never before about her faith, motherhood, having a baby during the pandemic and what’s next for her, one month after revealing to the world via the Epoch Times her COVID shot injury. She details her recovery journey, how she found community and fellowship with others that have been vaccine injured, as well as, a new purpose. Sutta also reveals a video of her blood sample and the small little blood clots that appear seconds after getting blood drawn.

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