Look what MSNBC is reporting on Giuliani. They are gunning for him hard - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Look what MSNBC is reporting on Giuliani. They are gunning for him hard

Former aide alleges Giuliani: • Made her work naked • Made her perform oral sex • Drank all day and night • Made racist remarks • Made sexist remarks • Made antisemitic remarks • Didn’t pay his bills • Sold Trump pardons for $2 million  – We all know how the Left rolls, so this is most likely all BS just like the rest of the attacks on EVERYONE on Trump’s team

Noelle Dunphy – a former employee of Rudy Giuliani – is suing Giuliani for alleged sexual assault and wage theft. Dunphy’s attorney, Justin Kelton, joins MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the revelation that Noelle Dunphy has audio recordings of some of her interactions with Giuliani. – MSNBC’s description of this vid

Supposedly – Rudy gave her his entire history of 23,000 emails with Trump and Trump’s team??????

New: Rudy Giuliani hit with stomach-churning sexual abuse claims in $10M+ assault, civil rights, labor, contract suit by fmr assoc Noelle Dunphy. She’s got recordings of (pretty vile) statements and had 23,000 Rudy emails, she says, bc worked for him but he refused to pay her.


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