“This is a Massive Error”: Megyn Kelly on Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox News - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

“This is a Massive Error”: Megyn Kelly on Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox News

Did this weekend’s speech doom Tucker on Fox? How dare he speak for freedom…. here it is – Bravo to Tucker for honesty and taking a stand. Fox can go to hell!  See clips under his speech on good vs evil. Tucker wanted to leave folks – Gorka says it, same for Bongino They are leaving a sinking Deep State ship… (last clip at link) 🔥

Tucker Carlson Is Leaving Fox News; Here’s What We Know…  Trending Politics (Deep State see him as a threat at Deep State conquered Fox, like Bongino also gone – Fox is now almost dead to us as, those left do as they are told or else 🔥   Jesse Waters is next 

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