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FBI Just Did This: Arrested a grandmother for what?


Being guided in by police on a sight seeing tour…

BREAKING: FBI counterterrorism unit has arrested a Virginia grandma on four misdemeanors for entering the Capitol with her elderly mother for 15 minutes on January 6. Aren’t you glad this is how DOJ is using its resources? – Julie Kelly of American Greatness

Everyone give a sigh of relief that this “violent extremist” (FBIs words) will now have her life destroyed over minor offenses. Case will be prosecuted by DC US Atty Matt Graves, now facing harsh criticism for refusing to prosecute violent criminals in the nation’s capital. – Julie Kelly


Pipe bomb guy was most likely an FBI-KGB agent. As Revolver has shown. No other reason to hide even the video from that day.  The Democrats have destroyed the FBI, the Left destroys EVERYTHING they control.