Military Age Men: CHINESE NATIONALS FLOODING OUR SOUTHERN BORDER - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips



Are they planning an attack? They have Buden’s help with the open border…. an easy way to get as many agents in as possible and settle all over the nation to attack targets at some future time. All thanks to their paid off POTUS Biden.

Geopolitical analyst Brandon Weichart on the Chinese nationals flooding into our country and the realignment of a New World Order lead by China and Russia.

Biden and crew are doing all they can to tank the economy. Every move designed to bankrupt the US and send our wealth and tax dollars overseas. Which means, your 401K can get killed in the next 2 years of financial terror, with them in charge. Go Gold and you can possibly not only save your 401K and retirement, but you might make out as Gold does well in bad times.  CLICK HERE or below – Whatfinger with Goldco has helped people all over the U.S. get some security… and perspective…

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