WOW – NYC from the 1930s colorized. Quite a different world huh! - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

WOW – NYC from the 1930s colorized. Quite a different world huh!

I colorized, restored and created a sound design for this video of New York 1930s, We start on Manhattan’s West Side, at 12th Avenue and 42nd Street, at the ferry terminal of the West Shore Railroad, the New York, Ontario and Western Railway, and the Weehawken Ferry. after we have a Crowd Scene street we can see the beautiful fashion in 30s

Same location today…

  • Civilized humans with dignity & self respect.Remember this scene every time you walk out the door. Dress as if “something wonderful is going to happen today.” Be the person that inspires others to leave their slob PJ’s at home or better yet in the trash. Elegance feels good.  PSI
  • Old clips of my very provincial city in the 50s are similar. Trim, well dressed people. No fast food, no snacks between meals. People walked a lot, & apart from the wealthy, people had very few clothes. They’d buy as good quality as they could afford, made to last. – Tessa Stewart
  • Amazing how slender everyone was back then. Was it something they didn’t eat?

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