Yes – they are scum of the Earth. All of them. Arrest them all. Fauci first…. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Yes – they are scum of the Earth. All of them. Arrest them all. Fauci first….

Fauci is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in this country. We could have cured people. We had the cures, there are many, yet they purposely went after doctors who cured people. They purposely hid the data that saved people. They purposely scammed us all, for money, and politics. Remember that when they try their next BS.  I will not comply with anything from this point forward, especially if the Marxists/ Deep State. Government try to pull ‘98% of scientists say…. ANYTHING’   It is ALWAYS total BS, so they can make money while we suffer or die in Covid’s case.

Biden and crew are doing all they can to tank the economy. Every move designed to bankrupt the US and send our wealth and tax dollars overseas. Which means, your 401K can get killed in the next 2 years of financial terror, with them in charge. Go Gold and you can possibly not only save your 401K and retirement, but you might make out as Gold does well in bad times.  CLICK HERE or below – Whatfinger with Goldco has helped people all over the U.S. get some security… and perspective…

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