Help us help pilots. At Southwest alone they are dying at 6x rate as before being forced to take the vaccine - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
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Help us help pilots. At Southwest alone they are dying at 6x rate as before being forced to take the vaccine

Helping Pilots at Southwest Airlines Through a Petition for the FAA

Steve Kirsch proposed a petition to get the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to investigate and address the over 6x increase of pilots dying at Southwest Airlines after the rollout of COVID vaccines. He is willing to pay people $5 per name who sign his FAA petition. This is an important initiative, as it will help protect pilots from injury or death due to negligence or lack of regulation from the FAA. Let’s explore why this petition is so important and how you can get involved.

The Problem for Pilots at Southwest Airlines
Since late 2020, there have been reports of more than 6 times the number of deaths and disabilities among pilots at Southwest Airlines compared to normal rates prior to the rollout of COVID vaccines. The FAA has not taken any action yet, which has led many people in the aviation industry and beyond to be concerned about pilot safety. It is clear that something needs to be done in order to protect pilots from potential harm while they are on duty.

The Petition Proposed by Steve Kirsch
In response to this issue, Steve Kirsch has proposed a petition that calls for an investigation by the FAA into these deaths and disabilities among pilots at Southwest Airlines. His goal is to gather 20,000 signatures so that he can organize a demonstration outside of FAA headquarters in Washington D.C., showing them just how serious this problem really is. To incentivize people who are able and willing to help him with this project, he is offering $5 per signature collected from flight attendants and/or pilots who sign his petition.

Taking Action
If you would like to help with this initiative, all you need to do is stand outside of Crew security checkpoints at various airports across the country and hand out flyers with information about Steve’s petition. As long as you collect names from flight attendants or pilots who sign it, you will earn $5 per signature – meaning you can make up to $50 per hour or even more depending on how many signatures you collect! Plus, by taking part in this initiative, you will be doing an incredible public service – helping make sure that pilots stay safe while they are on duty!

Pilots are facing dangerous risks when they are on duty due to negligence and lack of regulation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Thankfully, Steve Kirsch has proposed a petition asking them to investigate these deaths and disabilities among pilots at Southwest Airlines – but he needs your help collecting signatures! If you are interested in helping out with his initiative, all you need do is stand outside Crew security checkpoints handing out flyers with information about his petition – no experience necessary! You’ll be doing an important public service while earning up to $50 per hour or even more for your efforts – what could be better than that? Sign up today!    CLIC HERE FOR STEVE’s SUBSTACK and more info

EVERYONE who took the jab is getting blood clotting….  this guy scared the hell out of millions – – – ‘80% of pregnant women who took the jab lost their children in first trimester’ – much more ….

More Info on deaths hitting pilots in all airlines.  The vaccine kills immunity, the heart and those at higher elevations are at particular risk as the heart races more at higher elevations. This is also why you see so many athletes dying all over the world. The harder you work the heart, the more likely you are to die thanks to the Deep State. Big Pharma and their vaccines

The following link is all telling – it is from 2021 and look how bad it already was… and now the Airlines do their best to hide all of their deaths, in order to keep pilots employed.  But they know…  

Airline Pilot Deaths are disclosed in Peer magazine. Staggering Death numbers beyond belief! Guess… – General Dispatch – CLICK HERE

And the other side – AFP put out this fact check long after the Left took over the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) – which they use to refute the info in the above article.  In fact, same groups, and affiliated Deep State controlled fools say ‘the border is secure’ and’ Biden is the most popular president in American history’, and ‘more African Americans voted for Joe Biden than even Obama’  –  so you know how propaganda goes. We all know this is all BS being rammed down our throats.  Oh – and Kari Lake lost the election in Arizona.  Yeah, sure….   with over 60% of the real votes…. but as the Democrat’s favorite personality these days said long ago..  ‘It is not who votes, it is who counts the votes’ – Joseph Stalin.   – AFP Fact Check refuting all of the pilot deaths that all pilots in EVERY airline knows about

Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after the COVID vaccines rolled out. I thought the vaccines were supposed to reduce death not increase it! I just asked the FAA for their comment on this. Here’s what I wrote:  STEVE KIRSCH substack

More on Covid from this past week….

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