This is nuts and no one seems to care. Only Trump calls for war to end - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

This is nuts and no one seems to care. Only Trump calls for war to end

The ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host explains the possibility of nuclear war as Western countries continue sending aid to Ukraine

  • We must stop funding Ukraine. This war needs to end. America has sent over $113 billion to Ukraine, now sending tanks, and have funded the Ukrainian government at $1.5 billion every month. It’s a corrupt slush fund and it’s just killing people. – ZeroHedge Article
  • Ukraine’s ambassador is now calling on Tennis Australia to BAN Novak Djokovic’s father from the Aus Open for appearing in a pro-Putin video. Someone needs to let him know Australia’s still a free country. Unlike Ukraine. – Avi Yemini

And the Deep State says….

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