Biden sends Ukraine TANKS. Does he WANT war with Russia? - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Biden sends Ukraine TANKS. Does he WANT war with Russia?

Why would President Biden send U.S. tanks to Ukraine? Tanks are an offensive tool, not a defensive one, and this latest move from Biden (and Europe) will only bring us one step closer to World War 3 with Russia. In this clip, Glenn explains why this decision makes NO SENSE…unless there’s a reason Biden and the far-left may actually WANT to engage in war. And as we face the ‘inevitable’ fall of the West, Glenn explains, there is one, big reason why several global superpowers may want world conflict to cover their tracks…

  • We need peace between Ukraine and Russia, not more American equipment, tanks, and endless blank checks to Ukraine. This war needs to be resolved. America should be a peace maker, not a war monger. – Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS
  • Send tanks to our Southern Border, not Ukraine. – Lauren Boebert
  • Not a single Abrams tank should be going to Ukraine until America has actually secured its own border against the ongoing invasion. – Charlie Kirk
  • America is depleting our own military arsenal, giving weapons and now tanks to Ukraine, while China is building its military at the fastest pace in world history. It’s time put America First! – MTG – Marjorie Taylor Greene

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