How can anyone trust the President? - Rep Comer just now on Fox... More below top clip - Choice Clips
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How can anyone trust the President? – Rep Comer just now on Fox… More below top clip

An even more explosive clip from Rep Byron Donalds is below this top one …

For more info see:

Dan Bongino says it all on Joe Biden… ‘Did someone flip on Joe Biden?’

More from all sources….

  • Classified docs scandal is unboxing the Biden family business – Mollie Hemingway – NY Post article
  • A photo recovered from Hunter Biden‘s infamous laptop shows an unsecured cardboard box labeled “Important Docs + Photos” in Joe Biden‘s Wilmington, Delaware home. – Post Millennial Article
  • Ron Klain stepping down is just a further indication they’re gonna take out Biden with the classified docs scandal and then come after Trump. – Jenna Ellis
  • Can’t wait to hear the lefts excuses with the feds finding even more classified docs at Biden’s house  – Hodge Twins

Even the Left is pouncing – so you know this is a Deep State hit job where they get all of their assets to act as one…

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