BOOOOM! Tucker speaks the truth on Trump’s Tax returns. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

BOOOOM! Tucker speaks the truth on Trump’s Tax returns.

Tucker: Trumps tax returns show he got poorer in office while Mitch McConnell & Nancy Pelosi got filthy rich

  • After 6 years of the insane, psychotic Left hyperventilating 24/7 about Trump‘s tax returns – they were released and it was a nothing burger. I can’t stop laughing –  – Catturd

Trump’s statement on his taxes you might have missed….

  • Donald Trump’s tax returns showed two important things: 1. That he took advantage of all the loopholes in the tax laws passed by the people releasing his returns. AND 2. His wealth dropped while in office- he sacrificed millions of his own money to lead our country.
  • I’m actually glad SCOTUS ruled Trump had to turn over his tax returns b/c Deep State just created a legal precedent they’re going to severely regret Let’s start seeing *everybody’s* tax returns starting w/McConnell, Pelosi, Schiff, and Cheney Sunlight is the best disinfectant! Rogan O’Handley   – Can you imagine getting Hunter’s and Pelosi and Mitch’s returns.  WOW – all that money from Communist China coming to light.  Let’s do it…  
  • After years of trying Democrats have finally released Trump‘s tax returns. We should be concerned with those who gained wealth in office, not those that lost net worth. – Maya Flores
  • The Democrat-media mob feeding on President Trump’s private tax returns like out of control piranha.  It’s truly a disgusting spectacle.  So much for “privacy.”  Let’s hope their tax returns are made public, now that the precedent has been set. – Mark Levin

Keep this in mind – – – Net worth before running for President: Trump– $4.5 billion Obama’s – $3 million Clinton’s – $480,000 Today: Trump– $3.2 billion Obama’s – $70 million Clinton’s – $120 million Yet the media wants you to care about Trump’s tax returns?!

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