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Tucker Carlson: This was all a lie

Fox News host Tucker Carlson voices his concerns over the crisis at the southern border as Pakistanis are paying to cross illegally on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’  More below vid on Southern Border disaster created by the Democrats…

  • I’ve seen more media coverage at Martha’s Vineyard in the last 24 hours than I have from the Southern Border in the last 12 months.
  • Nearly 5 Million Illegal Aliens have crossed over the Southern Border into our country since January 2021. That’s more than the entire population of Los Angeles entering our nation in less than 2 years. When will our “leaders” start taking this invasion seriously? – Charlie Kirk
  • Fentanyl is the #1 cause of death for Americans 18-45. The first step to ending these senseless deaths is securing the southern border and stopping the flow of illicit fentanyl into our communities. – Rep Boebert
  • Twelve individuals who are on the terror watchlist attempted to cross the southern border into the U.S. in August alone, Customs and Border Protection data shows, bringing the total of potential terrorists apprehended to 78 this year. – PJ Watson – see Report: A Dozen Individuals On Terror Watchlist Tried To Cross Southern Border In August Alone





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