Leonard Nimoy: “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way” -1978 - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
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Leonard Nimoy: “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on its way” -1978

This is just a clip – below is the FULL video if you want to see it. Don’t you just love scientists? Always faking it to make $.  This is why they now say Climate change, instead of Global warming. That way in a couple of years, once they realize the Earth is cooling again, they can once again blame industry for the cooling.  If you want to debunk EVERY global warning article that shows stats – and I do mean every single one,  just watch the video in the link below.  This guy now helps Climate fakers create their fake stats for Global warming fake science.  See: My Gift To Climate Alarmists (Climate Alarmists Debunked)  see last clip on this page below 

Ice Age 1978 Leonard Nimoy

Climate Change according to scientists in 1978 was a far cry from what you hear from scientists today.

Or our updated Climate Change Hoax Super-Thread –  Leftist Green Peace founder Dr Patrick Moore Destroys The Climate change hoax – WOW! – Super-Thread on Topic…. 

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