Tucker: This is not allowed. This is what is inside the anti-Constitution voting rights bill - Choice Clips
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Tucker: This is not allowed. This is what is inside the anti-Constitution voting rights bill

The ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host exposes Biden’s condescending treatment of Americans in his opening monologue.

More vids you might have missed, but I bet you’d want to know…

Cruz exposes FBI today BRAVO!… This man isn’t all bad, cut him some slack, listen to his questions… ‘Who is Ray Epps?’

Poor Dr. Fauci loses it again when questioned by Senator Rand Paul…


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Evie Marconi
Evie Marconi
8 days ago

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Paul M Patricola
Paul M Patricola
7 days ago

Flooding the voting booths with illegals via same day of voting registration.
Extending mail in voting past the election day deadline…so the dems have enough time to find out how many more votes are needed for their ‘man’.
No voter ID, yet you need covid ID in many cities/states to eat, visit, lounge. You can use the same ID to vote.
The dems are racists to the core. They say blacks (not bipoc) are not capable of acquiring ID”s yet I’m quite sure they have ID for driving, purchasing of cigs/liguor, cashing checks, shopping for groceries/clothing. etc.
Yes ! America is facing a serious challenge. It’s called DEMOCRATS.
Use your head; think about this.

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