LIVE: U.S. Supreme Court Considers Halting Biden's Federal Vaccine Mandates - Choice Clips
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  • The only Item I would like to comment on is more of a question. Why are all nine of you letting Biden tear our country apart. We all know the facts of 2020 election have been reported, but our superme Court refuses to Hear the case. Has the socialist party Corrupted your branch also. Step up and put an end to this problem. Listen to those who has the evidence. your public would like to know.

  • Prediction: SCOTUS failed to halt a crooked Presidential election. Why would anyone expect it to rule against a tyrannical POTUS? On the naive would think that might happen.

  • The idiocy of the liberal side of the court boggles my mind. Hopefully something bad happens to them in the near future. There is still hope that Covid can do something worthwhile.

  • So when Sotomayor lies and makes a really stupid statement that 100,000 children are in the hospital because of coved and many are on ventilators, why is it that none of the other Justices have the balls to call her out on that? What a bunch of wusses. Not fit to be making rulings of law for out country.

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