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Wayne Coogan
Wayne Coogan
12 days ago

Dr. Steve, stop contending the corruption of the media is just now becoming evident as a result of the Rittenhouse trial. Everyone has known for years how discredited MM has become as an agenda-driven purveyor of fake news. Where have you been for the last decade?

Wayne Coogan
Wayne Coogan
12 days ago

Our constitution provides five branches of government (many mistakenly believe there are only three). The five are: the people, a free press, the congress, the executive branch, and the judiciary. The founding fathers erred in believing term limits were unnecessary; they failed to foresee the advent of career politicians. We now actually have people getting degrees in “political science” (fake academics) in order to pursue political careers. Consequently, Congress is now owned by lobbyists (their Faustian bargain). The judiciary is similar in that it is totally politicized. No judge should be identifiable as liberal or a conservative; it should be impossible to divine their politics from their record of decisions; but we know that is not the case.
The free press has abrogated their role as government watchdogs by shamelessly embracing the leftist/communist/fascist agenda; their relentless to promotion of fake stands as testament.

The last hope we have for responsive government is the executive branch…. for one reason only–term limits. We can keep voting horrible presidents out. However, any proper, responsive president is hobbled by the tyranny of the other branches of government. Consequently, the hope for this nation resides in the last branch of government: We The People.

The problems of We The People are myriad and manifest. We, as a nation, have turned our back on God. We have grown complacent…. ignoring JFK’s admonition by seeking primarily what our nation can do for us rather than what we can do for our it. Everyone is now a victim deserving of government entitlements. So much so that the communist nation of China can easily out-perform us in productivity and initiative.

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