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China’s CRACKDOWN on TV shows! Ban, Ban, Ban…

The Chinese Communist Party has decided that 25-year-old Japanese television show Ultraman Tiga is no longer suitable for Chinese audiences and has censored it accordingly. This is part of its ongoing crackdown on entertainment that it deems a threat to its rule. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for what happened after Ultraman Tiga was removed from the Chinese internet, what else deems a threat and is censoring, and why Chinese netizens are now using the phrase “do you still see the light?”.



  • This is the first video I clicked on when it came up because I remember watching Ultraman in the early 70’s when my brother and me were in daycare. We watched that and Speed Racer and Tom and Jerry and The Electric Company and ate grilled cheese and grilled cheese and on Friday … yeah, grilled cheese.

  • Tv is a very destructive . Walk through your neighborhood in the evenings and you will see the light of the Tv in almost every house with the people believing everything the Tv tells them to believe. To the Tv watcher the Tv is the truth and the light in the room

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