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  • Get out your checkbook – he saying … ” help me, I can’t handle this job. I’ve purposely F$&ked up everything I touch and yet you continue to cover for me and allow the obama cabal to manipulate me”

  • She edited it greatly so I think she should write a check:

    ‘… And so, you know, it would be inappropriate for me to tell you the number of serious Republicans in the past, and a few that are still around, who call me and tell me, “What can I do to help?” Because they get it too. They may not agree with everything I say, but this idea that, you know, “What do you want to do with Biden?” “I want to box him.” I mean — you know. I should be so lucky. You know what I mean?… But it is — the kinds of things — or, you know, the stuff that’s coming out of Florida, the stuff that’s coming out of — you know, “If Robert E. Lee had been in Afghanistan, we would have won.”…Anyway, I’m telling you too much…’

    • Got better ears than me. That’s right. Trump did say something about his knocking out sleepy Joe inn a boxing match wouldn’t be a pretty thing. He was answering a question (humorously) when he was attending a boxing match. Sorry, but its hard to sympathize with old Joe when he’s been a con man his whole life and is China’s sock puppet. What other President has deliberately done so much to destroy his own country w2ith less than a year in office. He lets illegals flood the country from Mexico, and Afghans enter (40,000 +) with no vetting and no vaccine mandates. Our tax money is used to feed, clothe and shelter these people as they are shipped all over the country. He begs the Taliban for help and calls a majority of US citizens terrorist because we disagree with him, and then has the gall to suggest some folks are being mean to him. GGRRRRRrrr!

      • Well, Biden started it by saying he was going to take Trump out behind the school and fight him (I’m paraphrasing) during the beginning of the campaign. Instead of having a PPV of washed-up fighters, lets have one with 75+ year old ex-presidents fighting.

    • No check for you.

      Her offer was for the ability to decipher what the idiot was trying to “CONVEY”. I will give you credit for your transcribing babble to English. Sort of, they are words, although in a non-cohesive structure.

  • He’s reflecting on the fact that people want to kick his ass, Florida told him to go fuck himself and a civil war general could have done better than him in Afghanistan. Where’s my money?

  • “How is this man dressing himself let along leading the most powerful nation on earth?
    Well, the moron isn’t leading, he could not lead a one car parade. He is a old senile creepy little girl fondling pile of human waste.

    The ONLY reason that senile, little girl fondling, incompetent Joe Biden and the ho Commie-la Harris are in power is because of massive voter fraud.

    Nasty Pelosi KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Chuck U. Schumer KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Shithead Schiff Knows that the election was rigged
    The entire DemocRAT party KNOWS that the election was rigged
    The entire GOP KNOWS that the election was rigged
    The lying morons in the fake news left-wing media KNOW that the election was rigged
    The conservative media KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Anyone with half a brain KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Anyone with an IQ over 80 KNOWS that the election was rigged

    • The man has had TWO (2) major brain surgeries (never seriously addressed as problem by anyone at anytime…why not?) + is elderly. He is well-shielded by wife and handlers. He is the weakest candidate to have ever taken the Executive office. Who didn’t see this coming?
      It will be quite a challenge for him to complete the first term. There is zero chance of a 2nd term.

      • What is unconscionable is the fact that, not only did Democrats compromise principle to allow Biden to be their nominee, but they manipulated and controlled all processes related to the election in order to achieve the victory they claim. So, not only did they know they had a terrible candidate, they knew they had to cheat in order to effectuate an election win. Anybody who believes the election was fair, honest and accurate must, also, believe that the American people prefer incompetence, suicidal policies, outrageous prices, inflation and taxes, and failure in contrast to the policies of President Trump. This defies all logic, and I can’t believe that personality or Twitter use has anything to do with anything except Trump Derangement Syndrome!

  • Ok. Yeah, he is a rambling old has-been. But the Robert E. Lee / Afghanistan reference must have been his complaining about Trump ( the guy we elected) saying that Robert E. Lee could have done an excellent job of withdrawing from Afghanistan. His mention of things coming out of Florida, no doubt refer to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ strong stand against face masks lockdowns and vaccine mandates. It was as if Biden was having t thoughts about his current angsts fall haphazardly out of his mouth while half-conscious. Well, that’s my interpretation. I not sure if this qualifies me for a check, but I can use it for some more ammo.

  • He starts by complaining that governors are against his mandates saying some want to box with him, his reference to taking trump out behind the school yard. he then says that he’d be for it, cause he thinks he is a tough guy, just ask cornpop. He wants to connect those who disagree with him to White Supremacists like Robert E Lee, who, apparently, freed his slaves ten years before the civil war and was loved by them so much, they stuck around.

    i hope this helps. i speak fluent biden or liar in cheat.

  • Biden inviting a boxing match? Everyone except punchy Joe knows he had his match and received more than one devastating blow to the head! He’s just to stupid to know enough to lay down and admit defeat!

  • Sorry,
    I cant collect your check because I have no idea what this what this dementia riddled idiot it talking about….

  • Correction, lady, the ONCE most powerful nation on earth. In one day that title was snatched from the American people and handed smoothly to China by Biden. We are the laughing stock of the world. Incredible that, although without cheating it would not have happened, a man in such a state of deterioration should be pushed and cheated into office. If he were Republican, he would have been out of there in seconds. I don’t know which is worse, the slick, dishonest Democrat party, or the witless bystanders who do nothing about it.

    • Tragically, you are absolutely right. It is all talk, talk, talk. On the other hand, the process of removal should be orderly and congressional.

  • Having to guess, apparently, the first part has to do with being challenged to fight and his feeling confident that he could beat an opponent in a competition. The second part, that he feels the give-and-take with the Florida governor over state issues is, strangely, inappropriate, and, thirdly, apparently, an analogy contrived by mixing the recent removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee from the Statehouse in Virginia and the enduring criticism over the way in which the withdrawal from Afghanistan went…..that “If Robert E. Lee had been in Afghanistan, he would have won.” Apparently, he feels that there is a spirit of combativeness that accompanies resistance to his policies and people are beginning to tire of his fecklessness, on the one hand, and his unconstitutional overreach, on the other.
    The fact is that liberals are, grossly, inconsistent in their thinking. There is a terrible inconsistency with respect to their understanding of cause and effect as it relates to provisions for the common defense, the principal duty of a president, since it affects ALL of the other enumerated purposes given in the Preamble to the Constitution and, without which, it is impossible to secure the other purposes. Why criticize the governor of Florida for state policies regarding Covid and vaccines when the immigration and refugee policies that are being exercised by the Biden administration are equally as offensive and dangerous ??
    Tragically, there is a lack of common sense, the substance of which, generally, should produce unity over policy matters. Democrats are so, unethically, partisan and downright immoral in policies.

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