Biden targeting the Second Amendment is 'nakedly political': Sorry NO real American will comply - Choice Clips
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Biden targeting the Second Amendment is ‘nakedly political’: Sorry NO real American will comply

If we are ordered to do ANYTHING by Biden re: our Constitution, especially if he signs onto the UN Gub Grab, we all tell them to go to hell. Come get them. Once the bullets ever start to fly, the Left will die, from shore to shore.  We all know that comes next and it is what the Marxists fear. So save freedom and our Constitution – no one complies with any dictates.  I still doubt the bullets will ever start to fly, but if they did, all bets are off…  a real revolution will be here.  I doubt it will happen, and as we get closer to the lunacy, the Red Alerts will go off everywhere.  Americans are waking up and ALL will be on alert if they try this. Even many Democrats, by the way… as all know the steps to tyranny, the steps to Australia.  In case you don’t know how they ALL do it…

Tyrants all know the order…
1. Register all guns
2. Collect all guns
3. Do anything you want (like Australia using Covid as their excuse – so even if you think you are free, once disarmed, YOU ARE NOT and they can throw you in a gulag at will)


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