Democrat Crime Wave: Blacks being killed in record numbers across America. Their plan... - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Democrat Crime Wave: Blacks being killed in record numbers across America. Their plan…

Pittsburgh – 90% of murders are black, other stats discussed as the Democrat plan to increase crime across all cities that they control succeeds. The Plan: Increase crime and remove police more and more until they can get their ‘Green Militia enacted – first to supposedly enforce Green rules and solar panels on your own home and on every building, then they will be enforcing law – much like Venezuela. They will blame guns the whole time and then use the Green militia to attempt to disarm America. After that we have the planned gulags of the Sanders campaign – caught on video. Jews will not be happy with these nuts in charge. They thought the Holocaust was bad. We let this happen, tyranny across America against Jews, White Conservatives and anyone who dares challenge Marxism and the Democrat Marxist party. Which means – arm up, and if they try to take our freedom and destroy the Constitution, you know what to do from shore to shore. EVERYWHERE. They will come to understand what freedom and the 2nd amendment is for



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