This Is Hard To Watch As They Try To Escape The Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Fires - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

This Is Hard To Watch As They Try To Escape The Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Fires

BRAND NEW: Resident Footage From Maui, Makawao. This Is Hard To Watch As They Try To Escape The Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Fires With Almost No Visibility They’re crying in their car fearing for their lives What was done to these people is HORRIFIC & the people responsible CAN’T GET AWAY WITH IT Another resident from Lahaina said, “I’m from Lahaina too I lived at Pauoa st I have to leave my car and run for my life I was so scared and crying at the same time I got stuck” Thank you for sharing these stories, the world needs to see this. – Wall Street Apes  See clip below  – more from others below this top clip as well. 

Previously Removed Footage From A Real Police Officer Voicing His Outrage Of The Handling Of The Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Fires DURING The Fires “What the f*** are we doing in Maui, I mean seriously. Biden will give all this time & resources to Ukraine but you won’t even do it to fellow Americans?” The media would NEVER show you this – Wall Street Apes – clip at Twitter

A woman tells board members at Maui County Council Board meeting that Lahaina residents are PISSED: “I don’t know if you folks digesting it, folks are still in active mourning literally trying to stay alive and in that is collective rage. And I don’t say this lightly, there’s collective rage. A lot of this feels like a set up… I’m not talking conspiracy theory like somebody went and lit the fire. I’m talking about this is the result of decades and generations long conversations where West Maui have had with people in charge that this is going to happen. Between MECO, the power lines, and the fire response, and the water department not communicating to people that there is a problem with their water properly, between the sirens not going off people are pissed… We have nobody is coming to save us. We’ve been asking for help for decades and nobody is coming to save us. So now we’re going to feed water and medicine ourselves. And now a few weeks in agencies, government people starting to come in and like ‘We have all the answers, and we have these protocols that you have to follow, and here is our policies’ and people like GET LOST!”  I Meme  Seee clip below

The Victims Of The Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Fires ARE SPEAKING OUT!! They’re Calling Out The LAND GRAB & Biden’s LIES! ‌ NEW: 2023 Maui County Council Meeting Residents Say LAHAINA IS NOT FOR SALE. CITY COUNCIL IS MEETING WITH DEVELOPERS BEHIND THEIR BACKS & UNELECTED PEOPLE MAKING DECISIONS ‌ THESE PEOPLE ARE GETTING THEIR LAND STOLEN BEFORE OUR VERY EYES: “Biden said that, you know, Maui is going to decide Maui’s future. But again, one person on Oahu is currently meeting with developers, meeting with private landowners, and is not meeting with the public” ‌ “I am testifying on my concerns of the governor’s emergency proclamation that happened three weeks prior to the fire and how it suspended seven state statutes of which exonerated everything that you guys are in charge of, covers county organization administration, chapter 46, collective bargaining was rescinded, school impact fees, collective bargaining was rescinded.

And to my knowledge, this was the first emergency proclamation in the country that didn’t have a preceding incident. ‌ Normally it’s like a hurricane, boom, we got emergency proclamation but this was just, from my knowledge, was just to streamline development on Maui, and it is allocated all decision-making power to one person, the housing officer of the governor, Nani Medeiros, who’s unelected, who can trump every single thing that you do and everything that you say and every item that we cover without any input from the community without any public discourse, without sunshine law. ‌ Before I go to my, you know, tomorrow I love what you said, La Jena’s not for sale, please include us. But I don’t see that happening. And I was able to meet with Nani Maderas. I graciously invited her into my home in order to speak with teachers from the Burn down King and they’re moving forward with, they’re meeting with developers, private landowners, and not a lot of community unless you know how to maneuver correctly.

So before I go to my next item, I would just like to ask each council member to let me know, are you in favor of this emergency proclamation that takes away sunshine law, collective bargaining, your, all your power in decision making? ‌ —-Everything you, I just can’t say enough, everything that you do can be trumped by one person who’s unelected and has no community input. ‌ —- This is disaster capitalism. Five billion dollars are coming to Maui and sticky fingers are here to take it all and develop everything without any input. Lahaina needs to decide what happens in Lahaina. ‌ And but it’s not just there, it’s everywhere. Anything you do on this island can be trumped by one person. And more people need to be standing up and saying that this is not how government works. This is not how we teach our children how government works. And this cannot move forward. Let me see, whew. ‌ —-

So Biden came and spoke with the community at the Civic Center, and Biden said that, you know, Maui is going to decide Maui’s future. But again, one person on Oahu is currently meeting with developers, meeting with private landowners, and is not meeting with the public. And that should be front page everywhere. And anything you do can be trumped by one person without any notice, and you won’t know until it happens. I’m thankful for Biden coming here when he did, not right away, and being there for the community. But this is a state and county issue and the state and the county are going to decide how the rebuilding efforts go. And I would really like to see the county take reconsider what they’ve if they’ve been in favor of this and pass a resolution against against the governor’s emergency proclamation on affordable housing that happened three weeks prior to. the wildfire. Thank you very much. I appreciate the time to speak”  – Watch the video below

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