Trump Indictment is GREAT NEWS! A Take Every Patriotic American Will Love - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Trump Indictment is GREAT NEWS! A Take Every Patriotic American Will Love

“Subpoena Every Government Gangster”

You know what this means though. I think there are ONLY two possibilities knowing what is below in this clip. 1 –  The fakers of the Deep State will drop this case before trial  or 2. They kill Trump.  Yeah I know, it’s dramatic but do they really want to be exposed like this in a trial where Trump has a national right to subpoena EVERYONE connected with voter fraud and J6?  Sorry but the Marxists currently in charge of the Biden Admin, DOJ and Deep State will NEVER allow such a trail to take place.  – Sgt Pat

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Catching On? This is why Fox wants this hidden. J6 Cover-up exposed by the police chief and Tucker – this man will get to testify at Trump’s trial….  Hmmm

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