Joe Rogan says there was real fraud in Kari Lake election. This is a banana republic - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Joe Rogan says there was real fraud in Kari Lake election. This is a banana republic

See clips below this top Rogan clip for some great info on how Democrats steal elections and how it is all coming out now thanks to morons in the Justice Dept that want a trial on it all.

JUST IN: Joe Rogan says the United States has turned into a ‘Banana Republic’ in response to the Trump indictment and argues that election fraud *did* take place, specifically in the 2022 Arizona election. Joe Rogan is wide awake. The show host specifically argued that there are “coordinated efforts” to make sure certain people get elected. “It looks like there’s real fraud there. It looks like there’s some real shenanigans there. At the very least, there was voting machines that weren’t working properly, and it seems very suspicious that a lot of them were in Republican areas… There’s coordinated efforts to make sure that certain people get elected.” On the topic of Trump, Rogan said: “He’s being targeted… these are actions of a banana republic. You take your political rival and you arrest him, and specifically you charge him with things that you are f*cking guilty of…” – Collin Rugg

A forensic study into the 2020 Detroit, Michigan election has reportedly found up to 34,000 illegal ballots. The investigation, conducted by Specklin Forensics, suggests systemic voter fraud, particularly with absentee ballots. The firm found that a significant number of absentee ballots in different precincts had no signed ballot application, with many having no request at all. The rates of illegal ballots in the two primary precincts examined were 12% and 20%. Additionally, absentee ballots often had a lighter tone and shade to the printing, with Detroit clerks commenting that the type of paper felt different. If these findings are extrapolated to the rest of Wayne County, it is estimated that between 13,600 to 34,000 ballots had no application requesting the ballot. Is it possible that the alleged voter fraud in Detroit is just the tip of the iceberg, with similar scenarios playing out in other key battleground states? – Hank

For More Info – Trump Indictment is GREAT NEWS! A Take Every Patriotic American Will Love

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  • Democrat Arrested and Indicted on 82 Counts of Voter Fraud – Bo Snerdly – Linked News
  • its the perfect crime once the signature/envelope is separated from the ballot, its untraceable there is something called UNDETECTABLE VOTER FRAUD Democrats only changed their tune when the uber-wealthy took control over the party – Edward Wronka

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