AWESOME News from Julie Kelly on J6 tapes – She has them! WOW…. Incoming…. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

AWESOME News from Julie Kelly on J6 tapes – She has them! WOW…. Incoming….

Two years ago this month, I wrote my first article about DOJ concealing thousands of hours of surveillance video from January 6. For two years, I have beat (banged?) the drum for public release of all footage. That said–I supported Tucker’s sole access to the footage for one reason: releasing clips must be a surgical strike within a frame of context. Flooding the zone with random clips without proper context minimizes the impact. Tucker did that with some success–I’m not here to explain why more clips weren’t aired, I have no knowledge –but that approach should be repeated again at least in this next stage. For the first time, we have the chance to control the narrative on Jan 6 and expose the fraudulent J6 committee, which acted as both a coverup of the truth and a missile aimed at Trump. Giving access to John Solomon Reports

and me (and another solid reporter) then allowing us to combine clips with new and existing reporting will effectively erode the media/Dems storyline. And after looking at recordings, I can tell you, it’s an exceedingly laborious process. I’ll admit maybe I was naive in thinking they could all be uploaded and made public–my hope is that will still happen, but will take time. Innocents must also be protected since lowlifes like Sedition Hunters will only be too happy to comb through footage, plaster faces on social media, and destroy more lives. Keep in mind–this DOJ and Capitol Police are responsible for keeping this footage under wraps. THEY want it kept from the public, and still do. I understand the frustration and I will do my part to keep pushing for full public release in the near future. For now, I think this side will be pleased (shocked?) by a steady release of new material. Thanks for everyone’s support–this project is ongoing and nowhere near the finale. – Julie Kelly     – – – That first article she wrote – you should re-read it – see: Why Is the Government Hiding January 6 Video Footage? – American Greatness

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