President Trump sent a letter to the fake J6 committee - it's a killer too! Read it here.... - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

President Trump sent a letter to the fake J6 committee – it’s a killer too! Read it here….


Too see all of the photos and the rest he posted with this letter – see bottom at this link – 830-am-final-january-6th-committee-letter14446.pdf (

By the people on this scam January 6th committee.

  • The January 6th hearings are nothing but a personalized farce and witchhunt against Trump And there have been many. They’ve wasted time and time again both taxpayer money and time that they should have been doing things for our Country. We’re fed up and you’ll see it at the polls – Brenda Carter
  • Why did Nancy Pelosi have someone recording her all day on January 6th – Ashley St. Clair
  • Pelosi is a horrible person who has played a giant role in dividing this country and causing January 6th by setting the standard for disrespecting the Will of The People. For no good cause she showed 100% disrespect for Trump and the people who elected him to be their President. – Randy Quaid
  • January 6th was so horrifying and unexpected that Nancy Pelosi had an HBO documentary filmmaker following her the entire day – End Wokeness
  • Democrats responding to forty year high inflation by voting to subpoena Donald Trump in a two year old January 6th investigation 26 days before a midterm election is one of the most breathtakingly tone deaf political moves I’ve ever seen. – Clay Travis
  • Why was Nancy Pelosi doing an episode of THE OFFICE on January 6th? – James Bradley
  • Let this sink in: Nancy Pelosi was mic’d up and had her (talentless) filmmaker daughter following her around the Capitol on January 6th. The “insurrection” was a complete and total HOAX! –Alex Bruesewitz