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Flannigan McGaffigan
Flannigan McGaffigan
13 days ago

“You know they’re just pretending to be outraged because there’s no way the girl in the center would waste food like that.”
– Mark Dice Quote of the Day!

13 days ago

HOW complete are the LIES,the INDIANS were told they were the first ones in america THEY WERE NOT,other nations were here long before them ,INCLUDING THE EGYPTIANS,long before the Indians were..

13 days ago
Reply to  arizona

Same with Hawaiians. King Kamehameha wasn’t even “Hawaiian”… he was Tahitian, and they changed his name from Tamehameha. Oh and while I’m at it, the Queen was overthrown by some of her own people. She was selling out to the Russians who wanted that set of islands so close to America. Hawaiian activists pretend they could have survived Ww1 and 2 without American presence there. Process that for a second. Japanese only strafed Pearl Harbor. The exact same day they bombed Burma and Singapore … and LANDED. The locals were captured and, well do your own reading. It was ugly.

The problem with the BS revisionist History is they look at one event and ignore long term benefits/consequences. But the Indians in the US ignore the crimes and savagery of their own people all together.

Not sure how we fix this.

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